Penzion Hradní Bašta

Restaurant and Wine Shop

Our restaurant offers mostly Czech dishes. We recommend specialities made from regional ingredients, such as trout from the local fish farm or beefsteaks from the Angus cattle from a nearby organic farm. We cook exclusively from quality and fresh ingredients. We use considerate methods of preparation of the ingredients, to maintain their best qualities.

We serve the Chodovar beer to the meals: light 11° and dark 10°.


The restaurant can be also used for organizing celebrations, parties, receptions or other social gatherings.

Are you looking for a place for a company or birthday party or for a training or seminar?

Our premises will certainly meet your expectations.

The hotel guests can of course have their meals here throughout the day. 


Upper Restaurant

Opening hours: Mon–Sun 10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
The upper restaurant offers a pleasant environment with 40 seats. The pleasant atmosphere is further enhanced by an open fireplace. The restaurant is open daily, with á la carte offer.

Lower Restaurant

Opening hours: Tue–Sun: 10.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. (open during the summer tourist season).
The quiet environment of our restaurant can be used for lunch or dinner but also for spending time with friends or business partners when you do not want to be disturbed too much. The restaurant offers 50 seat in the main room, and a data projector and Internet access are available. There are further 12 seats available in the anteroom, and a large bar.

Wine Bar

If you want to spend some moments in a pleasant and romantic environment, you can take advantage of our wine bar with adjacent wine shop, where you can select wines from the offer of the “U kapličky” winery. The wine bar offers 20 seats.



Good food and drinks can be enjoyed on our terraces as well in good weather. The first terrace by the upper restaurant opens to the Bečov town square, and it has a capacity of 30 people. The other terrace, which is a real oasis of peace, is decorated by a ceramic fountain made by Vlasta Květenská. This terrace seats 60. The last summer terrace is located in the lower part of the “Hradní Bašta” premises. The view from here is really fantastic, showing the panorama of Bečov and a view of the castle, which further enhances the pleasant atmosphere of a comfortable stay.